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Finalmarina is the first of three urban cores that form the town. Lying along the coast between the mouths of the Pora and Sciusa torrents, despite the transformations of recent decades it still preserves ancient monumental and historical elements. These include the church of St John the Baptist and the arch dedicated to Empress Margaret. In 1927, the autonomous municipality of Finalmarina was merged with those of Finalborgo and Finalpia, forming Finale Ligure.


Finalpia is the second of the three urban cores, extending mainly on the banks of the Sciusa torrent. Once a land of farms and fields, it was transformed into a tourist and residential area especially after the post-war development. The main historic core grew up around the abbey church of Santa Maria.
In 1868, both Calvisio and Varigotti, which were autonomous at the time, asked to be united with FinalPia and then followed its fate.


Finalborgo is the third of the three nuclei of Finale Ligure. Its major development occurred in the Middle Ages as the capital of the Marquisate of Finale of the Del Carretto marquises and under Spain (17th century). The village was developed away from the sea in a place easily defensible against Saracen landings. The Aquila and Pora torrents form a natural moat and the town walls surround the village, protected to the north by St John's castle and Gavone castle.

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For over ten years, the Finale area has enriched its tourism thanks to the territory in which it is set, which offers the best in Outdoor activities. Thousands of trails for Mountain Biking, rock faces for Free Climbing, Excursions through forests and cliffs, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Water Skiing, Sailing, Diving, Tennis, Volleyball, Surfing and all the Sport you could wish for. From all over the world, tourists choose Finale Ligure as a destination for their adventures and to satisfy their desire for movement. The area is prepared and rich for all kinds of activities, and numerous Guides and Experts in the various fields are ready and available to accompany guests on their journey.


Awarded the Blue Flag once again this year for its 4 km of beaches lined by the avenues of the beautiful Riviera delle Palme, Finale offers not only sea and sun, but also the opportunity to discover an area where unspoilt nature dominates and gives unforgettable views and scents. Moreover, the town offers shows and clubs that enliven the movida, and hundreds of typical and trendy shops for everyone's shopping.